• Super Whisk

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    Super Whisk - Whisk, Whip, Mix, or Froth in seconds!

    Ideal for Eggs, Pancakes, Waffles, Drinks, Instant pudding or Jell-O, Fluffy Omelets, Whipping Cream and much more!

    Mix your food like a pro without any skill or practice necessary. This handy little kitchen miracle will allow you to whip, mix and blend ten times faster than with a traditional whisk.

    Stainless Steel Super Whisk - A true kitchen miracle. Whip up any food in way less time with this hand powered mixer and whisk. Simply move the handle up and down to twist the whisk and mix your food. Look like a pro. No skill necessary!

    How to Whisk:

    For basic use, bounce your hand on top of the Super Whisk and let the Whisk rotate and spin.  Continue to use the same action until you achieve desired consistency.  The faster you move your hand the faster the results. 

    When mixing dry ingredients with wet, in the case of pancakes, lower you hand down the handle for the first 5-6 pushes to allow for the ingredients to slowly mix together to prevent splattering. After the first 5-6 pushes place you hand back onto the top of the Super Whisk and continue mixing until desired consistency.

    Pump in warm soapy water after each use for easy cleaning. 

    Made out of Stainless Steel. 14"L X 3" W

    Super Whisk Recipes