• .Smart Micro-Fiber Mop


    Smart Micro-Fiber Mop Wet/Dry Mop

    The most advanced natural cleaning system in the world! A complete cleaning system that uses Only water, allowing you to get rid of all of those harmful chemicals when cleaning.

    Micro-fiber combines friction, static energy, and capillary effects to absorb and remove micro-particles, dirt, oils, and surface moisture more effectively than any other cleaning product tested. Use the Micro-fiber Mop wet for mopping and dry for dusting. Adjust the telescopic handle to the height that is good for you and it is great down low to clean in hard to reach places such as corners and between smaller areas. To adjust handle: turn top blue part of handle to the left to loosen, adjust up of down to desired extent, then turn it to the right to tighten and lock into place. The Micro-Fiber Mop is safe to use on any floor surface such as ceramic tile, marble, and natural or laminate wood floors, plus many more.

    The same principles apply to the Micro-fiber Cloths.

    Machine washable but please do not use bleach or fabric softener. Tumble dry on low heat.

    Comes standard with the Deluxe Orange Chenille Pad