• Play Sand



    Fun and easy: 
    • Feels wet but does not stick to anything but itself making it easy to pack, shape and sculpt
    • Does not dry out, does not need water
    • Kid safe
    • Play Sand is odor free, non-toxic, tasteless and safe for kids.
    • All products have been tested and meet or exceed U.S. toy safety standards to ensure your child isn’t exposed to any harmful chemicals
    • Inflatable sand box keeps the sand in one area, making it perfect for indoor play and easy cleanup
    • Play Sand only sticks to itself so clean up is a breeze
    • When playtime is finished, just return the sand back into its resealable bag and place all the sand and accessories into the storage carry bin for next time
    • Build your own great empire or just have fun learning with shapes and numbers
    • Stimulate your children’s imagination and spark their creativity with engaging play time!
    • Sensory play supports development of fine motor skills and concentration and cognitive thinking.
    • Not just for kids, this stress relieving toy makes a great desk toy.
    • Great Gifts: Christmas, Birthdays, or baby gender reveal parties
    • Our set comes with everything you need to bring home the beach without the mess! Every 32-piece set comes with

                            *1 Inflatable Sand Box

                            * Pump to inflate Sand Box

                            * 6 Monument Molds

                            * Number Molds 0 thru 9, +, -, +, ?, =

                            * 5 Sculpting Tools

                            * 3.3 Lbs of sand in your choice of Pink or Blue

                            * Carrying case

    • Recommended Age 3+