• AquaBLADE Window Cleaner Kit


    Amazing cleaning tool for multiple flat surfaces.

    AquaBLADE is a quality cleaning tool, designed and made in Italy. It is designed to dry smooth wet surfaces without effort and is safe to use on all types of material. AquaBLADE consists of a silicone wiper blade with a water conveyance channel at one side. It provides quick, easy, and streak-free cleaning, allowing your surfaces to dry almost immediately! The AquaBLADE can be used on cars, boats, buses, shower cubicles, windows, tile floors, glass topped surfaces, glass doors, laminate, parquet, mirrors and much more.

    Key Features: 
    • Cleans smooth surfaces with ease.
    • Grabs while it cleans.
    • No more dripping as you wash.

    Product Dimensions (Inches): 
    • Large Blade 12x4.75x2.25
    • Smaller Blade 8x4.5x2.25
    • Handle 13.75x1x1
    • Pole 31x1x1, accessories various sizes
    Product Weight (lbs): .46 to 2 lb