• 5 in 1 Polar Hoods

    $24.95 $20.00

    The original 5 in 1 POLAR HOOD.

    Made from Polar Fleece - twice as warm as wool!

    Fold the Bottom hem inside 6" to 8"

    Wear it many ways


    Push your head through the face opening. May be worn as a neck warmer.


    Push your head through the face opening. Pull the bottom hem up through the opening to protect your nose and ears.

    Pull bottom hem into opening a few inches and pull over head to provide a warm hood.

    For MAXIMUM protection from the elements, pull the bottom to just below the eyes, combining the gator and the hood.

    Fold the bottom opening of th
    e Polar hood inside to 6" and wear as a cap.

    Makes a great gift Machine Washable Made in the U.S.A.