Double Wringer PVA Mop

* NEW & IMPROVED* PVA Mop - Now with double wringer! Allows the whole mop head to be wrung out, which means that it absorbs more and leaves your floors Drier. Great for any floor surface from natural or laminate wood to concrete. Ergonomic handle for easy cleaning, grips the floor so that you can feel the mop doing the work for you versus you working for the mop.

This Unique Material is a closed cell material, unlike your sponge and foam head mops that are open cell. The idea behind the material is that it dries from the outside in versus the inside out like other mops (Don't be alarmed when you go to use it the second time it will begin to get hard right away). There are no pits or pores, so it will never harbor germs or bacteria, which can cause a musty smell and you will never have to pluck any debris from the mop head. This material is like nothing you have seen before.

Please follow all priming instructions prior to using the mop and DO NOT try to pull up on the handle without priming. (See Priming Your Mop Section for more information)